Frequently Asked Questions



Where is The Groundlings Theatre located?

Our address is 7307 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, 90046

We’re in the middle of the Melrose shopping district between Poinsettia and Fuller on Melrose Ave (west of La Brea and east of Fairfax). 


Where can I park?

You have three marvelous options. 

  1. You can park on Melrose (the meters run until 8pm)
  2. You can park on a side street. Read the signage. Some streets allow 2 hour parking - some allow all night.
  3. You can valet on Poinsettia just north of Melrose.  It’s about $7.

Can I still get in after the show starts?

No. We have a strict no late seating policy. All shows start on time. 


How old do you have to be to see a show?

16 and over only. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who appears younger than 16 years of age with no ticket refund or exchange.


Where can I eat?

There are lots of restaurants within walking distance to the theatre. Some of our favorites include…


The Village Idiot*

7383 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90046

(323) 655-3331

* Show your ticket stub for 10% off!


The Dark Room

7302 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90036

(323) 931-3800



7274 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90046

(323) 930-7900


Frankie's Restaurant
(NY Italian) 

7228 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90038



Mao’s Kitchen

7313 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90046


LaLa’s Argentine Grill

7229 Melrose Ave.


(323) 934 6838


Pink’s (famous) Hot Dogs

709 North La Brea Ave

LA, CA 90038-3338

(323) 931-4223


M Café – (vegan/macrobiotic)

7119 Melrose Ave

Hollywood, CA 90046



Bulan Vegetarian Thai

7168 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90046

(323) 857-1882


Do you sell food and alcohol?

The Groundlings Theatre is an alcohol-free facility. During intermission we sell soft drinks, water and snacks including: candy bars, chips and cookies. No food or drinks are allowed in the theatre except for bottled water.


Where can I get a drink before or after the show?

There are tons of bars and restaurants on Melrose. Darkroom and The Village Idiot are the closest.


The Darkroom

7302 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90046

(323) 931-3800


The Village Idiot*

7383 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90046

(323) 655-3331

* Show your ticket stub for 10% off!


The Parlor Hollywood

7250 Melrose Ave

LA, CA 90046

(323) 930-2100

Can I subscribe for tickets?

Though we don't offer subscriptions, we do offer membership packages that come with excellent discounts.  Check them out on the Buy Tickets page!


How do I become a Groundling?

The Groundlings is a theater company comprised of up to 30 performers at any given time. Everyone in the Main Company has gone through the Groundlings school - a four level sketch and improv training program. If a student passes all four levels, he/she may be invited to perform in the Sunday Company for an extended period of time. A select few Sunday Company members may then be chosen to join the Main Company. 


Do you have a holiday show?

Yes we do! It runs during the month of December.


I love your space! Can I rent it?

Though our space is very seldom free for rentals (we gotta keep folks happy with our stellar back to back improv and sketch shows!) there are occasional windows where the theatre is available to rent for a one day/night event.  Please call ext. 24 or email


How often do you do a new sketch show?

The Main Company members write/perform a new sketch show every 2.5 months. Those shows run every Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 8pm & 10pm. The Sunday Company members add new material every week for their show on Sundays at 7:30pm. 


You have a direct line to Saturday Night Live, right?

No, not at all.  SNL looks for talent at many places, including the Groundlings.  Going though our program is no guarantee of getting any work, but the training you receive here can help you become a better performer and writer.





How do you compare to the other schools around town?

The Groundlings school has been around for more than 35 years.  We have a specific, proven technique by which we teach improv and sketch writing. All of our teachers have been through the program as both students and teachers-in-training. Many are currently working in the industry.

We offer several class sessions per year with a variety of class times and dates.  Only graduates of our school many be in our performing companies.


How long does it take to get through the Groundlings program?

The further you progress through the program, the more of a time committment you can expect.  While Lower Division classes (Basic and Intermediate) are offered every six weeks, Upper Division classes (Writing Lab and Advanced) are not offered as often, and each have a waiting list. It takes several years for students to make it through the entire program.


Why does it take so long to get through the upper-level classes?

Since the Sunday Company only rotates its cast twice each year, it limits the amount of Advanced classes that can be offered. In order to keep the waiting list for Advanced manageable, the school must also limit the amount of times it can offer Writing Lab. If we offered Writing Lab as often as the lower-level classes, the wait for Advanced would be too long for most students to wait, resulting in many talented performers never getting a chance to complete the program.


Do I need acting experience?

We have had people with little or no acting experience do very well in the school. However, the more experience the better. The core program is designed for professional actors. For non-professionals we offer Beginner’s Classes in our Extension program.


Why do I have to audition to take a class here?  I am a professional actress who has been doing comedy for several years.

The audition is for your own benefit!  It's to make sure you get placed in the correct class.  A lot is expected of students enrolled in Basic, the first level of the core program, and some people may be better suited to start with one of our extension classes for beginners.


May I register for a Basic Class and then audition?

Nope. You must have passed an audition to register for Basic. Auditions are free and you can register on the school registration page. 


Can I audition for the Main Company?

Unlike other institutions, The Groundlings doesn’t allow ‘straight-to-company’ auditions. Every Groundling completed the Groundlings program and performed in the Sunday Company before being invited into the Main Company.


Why can't I choose the teacher I want to study with?

Since our instructors are all professional actors and writers, often times their assignments cannot be made until right before classes begin. But don't worry! Every teacher has gone through the same rigorous training program and teaches from a very specific syllabus. No matter who you study with, you will be in good hands!


I finished a class and I can't sign up for the next level. What gives?

Upon completion of any given class, the teachers turn in results to the school office. Our goal is to have accounts updated within 72 hours of course completion. Students will receive an email once results are entered informing them they can sign up for the next level or use the repeater discount on the level they recently finished.

Do my class results expire?

Audition and Core Track class results expire one year after your final class. If your results expire before you register for the next level, you will be asked to re-start the program. Students who are away from the program for over a year have been away from the material too long to maintain the integrity and continuity of our training. Please contact the school office for your specific expiration date.


Do you offer payment plans for your classes?

We sure do!  We're here to make this process as easy for you to manage as possible.

Email the school OR call ext. 21 for details.

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