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Perfect Date Dating Video

Bobby Batronich

iPhone Tech Support Call

Our buddy called Apple customer service about his iPhone 4 reception crapping out. He recorded the call. The dude he talked to is AMAZING.


Crazy Kobe Fan

I saw this dude being interviewed before a Laker game. I think this guy is the biggest and weirdest Kobe Bryant fan ever. I edited together the best parts. Hope it's good quality!!!

Clearing The Air

Premiere of Mitch Silpa's "audience favorite" short from from last year's Outfest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Although you've probably seen Mitch as David Blaine it the popular "Blaine" parodies, this is a very short film as opposed to crazy viral video.

Exeter International

Senator Larry Craig, Reverend Ted Haggard, and countless others have discovered that being gay is a choice, so they all went straight to Exeter.

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