Online Classes

Intro Track Classes
Improv classes open to anyone. No experience necessary!

Improv for Beginners

A stress-free 3-hour introduction to improv. This is a great opportunity to learn some of the basics from the comfort of your own home. Everyone will have a chance to participate.

1 session, $45. No prereq.

Improv Workshop A

Improv Workshop A takes beginning students through all the core principles of improv in a fun, safe environment. You’ll build self-confidence, develop your creativity, experiment, play, and make new friends from the comfort of your own home. No experience necessary!

6 sessions, $310 ($30 off for repeaters). No prereq.

Improv Workshop B

For students who’ve passed Improv Workshop A. Improv Workshop B gives students the chance to go further. You’ll keep learning, gain confidence and have fun!

6 sessions, $310 ($30 off for repeaters). Prereq: Passed Improv Workshop A

Core Track Classes
The improv track at the heart of The Groundlings School. Audition required.


Basic Improv introduces students to the fundamentals of improvisation through the use of games and exercises in a fun, fast-paced environment. Basic lays the foundation for The Groundlings style of improv and sketch, which each level above Basic (Intermediate and Advanced Improv) will build upon.

12 sessions, $525 ($150 off for repeaters). Prereq: Passed audition.

Click here to schedule a free audition.


Intermediate Improv uses the skills developed in Basic to concentrate on scene work and the Groundlings signature style of character development in both improvisational scenes and monologues.

12 sessions, $525 ($150 off for repeaters). Prereq: Passed Basic.


Advanced Improv focuses on continued character development as well as advanced improv scenework and technique, and culminates in a class show.

12 sessions, $525 ($150 off for repeaters). Prereq: Passed Intermediate.

Sketch Writing Classes
No prerequisites. Screenplay software (Final Draft, Celtx, WriterDuet, etc.) required.

Sketch Writing for Beginners

Great for students just getting started who want an overview of the basics of sketch writing. Bring your funny ideas and we’ll show you how to turn them into hilarious sketches.

4 sessions, $170. Prereq: None.

Sketch Writing Workshop A

A 6-session deeper dive into sketch writing! Learn the difference between character and premise sketches, identifying beats, writing for your medium, and how to find material. Get experience and build confidence in your writing ability. For each class, students will write and submit sketches, and we will find the gold in whatever you create.

6 sessions, $300. Prereq: None.

Continued Sketch Writing

Already know the basics? Let’s keep going! Bring in your sketches and get top quality notes to turn your own comedic sensibility into sketches you can be proud of. Students are asked to send a finished sketch to the instructor before the first class.

4 sessions, $170. Prereq: None.

Additional Online Specialty Classes
Prerequisites vary. 

Intro to Voiceover Acting

with George McGrath

A one-day introduction to the world of Voice-Over acting that gives students an overview of the kinds of job opportunities in the Voice-Over world and techniques to becoming a good actor behind the microphone.

1 session: Sunday, March 21, 12 - 2:30pm.

$45. Prereq: None.

Creating Characters

with Lauren Burns

This class will focus on character work and will include a series of improv and writing exercises to discover original characters living deep inside you, and will further develop your approach to preparing for scripted characters.

1 session: Saturday, March 20, 10 - 1pm.

$45. Prereq: None.

Improv for Parents

with lauren burns

Learn to apply the foundations of improvisation to parenting to improve your child’s listening skills, to help manage anxiety, improve self confidence, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and to connect with them in playful and silly ways.

1 session: Sunday, March 21, 10 - 1pm.

$45. Prereq: None.

Character WOW

with karen maruyama

A one-day “work out workshop” focusing on creating and developing characters.

1 session: Wednesday, April 14, 2012

$45. Prereq: Completed Intermediate.

Power WOW

with karen maruyama

An improv series comprised of games and exercises that culminates in an online show.

4 sessions (Saturdays, 10am - 12pm) starting April 3. Online performance on April 26, 7pm.

$170. Prereq: Passed Intermediate.