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Please note: The Groundlings Theatre is not permitted to be open at this time, due to state and local COVID-19 regulations. We do not have immediate access to our phone lines, so we recommend email communication instead for a faster response. Thank you for your understanding.  

Contact the Box Office

Ticket Window
323-934-4747 ×1
[email protected]

Box Office Manager
Sam Gooley
[email protected]

Contact the School

School Office
323-934-4747 ×2
[email protected]

Education Director
Allain Rochel
[email protected]

Associate Education Director 
Jon Hampton
[email protected]

Contact the Marketing Team

Scenario Public Relations
(for press releases)
Ashley Patterson
[email protected]

Contact the Admin Team

Managing Director
Carrie LaFerle Gergely
[email protected]

Technical Director
Paul Howle
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