Our Commitment

At The Groundlings Organization, we want to first acknowledge that we have not done a good enough job in amplifying and supporting the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our school and on our stage. We have seen positive change since we launched our diversity initiatives in 2015, but we have a long way to go and are committed to making effective long-term change.

It is important for us to foster an organizational culture of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism by changing internal structures that have sustained a lack of these tenets. Here are some of the ways we commit to achieving this:

- We COMMIT to seeking out and empowering BIPOC voices in our School through expanded outreach programs and scholarship opportunities. We have invested over $180,000 to date on our diversity programs and are committed to the continued growth of this investment.

- We COMMIT to providing monthly workshops specifically for our BIPOC students so they can experience being a majority in the classroom.

- We COMMIT to ensuring more BIPOC voices will appear on our stage.

- We COMMIT to improve our hiring practices and establish more diversity parity in our artists, staff, and teachers.

- We COMMIT to being actively anti-racist as an organization. We will provide regular anti-racist training for all artists, staff members, and teachers, and take measures to ensure accountability at all levels.

- We COMMIT to engaging in a dialogue that helps us amplify BIPOC voices and confront our implicit bias.

- We COMMIT to listening. Write to us and tell us how we can do better: [email protected]

Thank you for holding us accountable.
- The Groundlings