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June 25 2019
7:30 PM

June 2019

Student Performance Nights

06-25Last Tuesday of the Month @ 7:30pm (Gary Austin Stage)

Hold on to your knickers, The Groundlings School is putting up their best and brightest every last Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm, for 90 minutes of teams and games featuring Groundlings students emceed by a Groundlings teacher. $5 gets you in for the whole night! Get your tickets ASAP - they sell out fast...

The Crazy Uncle Joe Show

06-26Wednesdays @ 8pm

Come and see one of L.A.'s longest running long-form improvisation shows! Watch as The Groundlings Players begin with three suggestions from the crowd, and then proceed to weave the stories together, traveling back and forth through time, playing different characters in many different situations. AND, they keep it up for an uncanny 40 minutes straight...

Cookin' With GAS

06-27Thursdays @ 8pm

Since 1992, The Groundlings Main Company, Alumni and Sunday Companies have played together every Thursday night in the all-improv explosion that has become almost as much of an institution as the Groundlings Theatre itself! Based entirely on audience suggestions, the comic daredevils invent custom-made satire and song. Each week features a new surprise guest...

Bad Company

06-27Thursday, June 27th @ 10pm

Sunday Company members re-unite in an amazing night of improv! *Cast subject to change.

New York Fashion Groundlings

06-28Every Friday & Saturday Night

The Groundlings Main Company is putting on their wigs and struttin' their stuff and you won't want to miss a minute of it! Join us for this glamorous night of sketch comedy! If the show is sold out we will have a standby line begin 30 minutes prior to show time...

The Yard

06-28Fridays @ 10pm

It's fast and most definitely furious. Straight from the top, The Groundlings Main Company delivers a 75-minute improv experience that could only happen LATE at night! THE YARD: The Groundlings (the very poorest of Shakespeare's spectators) would pay a penny to stand on "the yard" to watch a play...