Frequently Asked Questions


There are several ways to get started in the Groundlings School program! Read all about your options on our Getting Started page. Registration happens online or in person only.

Intro Track classes are great for students just starting out with improv or acting. Core Track classes are for actors and more experienced students. Check out our Registration page for current class listings. 

Class results are good for one year. Students who pass a class have one year to take the next level. After one year, students have to go back to the last level they passed (and pass it again) in order to advance. After two years, all class results expire and students have to start over at the audition. 

Please contact the school office for information about your specific expiration date, or with any questions.

Upon completion of any given class, the teachers turn in results to the School Office. Our goal is to have accounts updated within 72 hours of course completion. Students will receive an email once results are entered informing them they can sign up for the next level or use the repeater discount on the level they recently finished.

No. Improv styles vary greatly from school to school, and it is important for all of our students to have the same foundation in our style before moving to a higher level.

Main Company members complete and pass all levels of the Core Track, the Performance Track, and the Sunday Company before consideration for the Main Company. It is a process that takes 5+ years. 

No. To preserve the integrity of the class and the comfort of our students, we do not allow outside participation or viewers in any of our classes or auditions.

We suggest Intro to Improv, a one day beginner’s workshop that gives students the chance to try out the Groundlings style of improv. These classes are offered several times a month. Please check the Registration page for upcoming times and dates.

Classes start every day of the week at The Groundlings School. We post new classes on our website every Monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m., usually 4-6 weeks in advance. For a complete list of classes, please visit our Registration page.

Intro classes are either once-a-week for six weeks, twice-a-week for three weeks, or three times a week for two weeks. Each class period is 3 hours. Core Track classes meet once-a-week for twelve weeks, twice-a-week for six weeks, or three times a week for four weeks. Each class period is 3½ hours. Specialty classes vary. Please review the class listing for more information.

To create the best possible experience, The Groundlings School seeks to gender balance certain classes. If your gender is not available, you can call the office to request a spot (subject to availability).

The gender expression of all students will always be respected in Groundlings classes and auditions. If you identify as non-binary or gender non-conforming, please feel free to reach out to the School Manager, Allain Rochel (, for assistance with registration.

All students must first pass the Audition and complete the Core Track classes. The time it takes to complete all three levels varies greatly for every student, based on class results, class availability, and student availability. There is never a guarantee that any student will be invited to the next level. Many students are asked to repeat levels, possibly up to three times, which can impact how long it takes to complete the Core Track.

Select students who graduate from the Core Track may then elect to continue their education in the Lab Track, which consists of Writing Lab and Advanced Writing Lab. The wait list for Advanced Lab is about 2 years. Those who make it through the Lab Track are invited into the Sunday Company.

If applicable, a "Waitlist" button will appear next to the class if it is sold out. Once you click on the button, you'll receive an email confirmation when you sign up. If space opens up, another email will be sent to notify everyone on the wait list of the open spot. These spots are first come, first served once they become available. 

Our system does not allow transfers from one class to another. We can drop you from the class you are currently in, but drop fees apply, so we encourage students only to sign up for a class session they know they can attend. More information on our drop process can be found on our Policy & Waiver page.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources or availability to offer make-up classes. More information on our attendance policy can be found on our Policy & Waiver page.

Because all of the teachers at the Groundlings School work in the entertainment industry, their schedules can change at a moment’s notice. Since all of our teachers have gone through the same rigorous training, it’s more important for students to register for a class that fits their busy schedule.

Yes! Each five-class Teen Workshop culminates in a show. Teen Workshops are not offered much during the year due to teacher availability. We do offer several Teen Workshops over the summer. For additional information check out our Teen Classes page.

Yes. We offer Intro to Sketch and Writing Chops periodically through the year, though these classes tend to fill quickly. For additional information, check out our Class Descriptions page.

We ask that you bring a headshot and resume with you. Please dress comfortably--the audition requires you to be active. No need to prepare a monologue. 

No. Our auditions are improvised group auditions. Any videos sent will be discarded without being viewed.

Parking meters: you can fill a meter for a maximum of two hours. There is a break in the middle of class if you need to feed the meter again. Metered parking ends at 8 pm each night.

Street parking: there are several streets in the neighborhood that you can park on, but read the signs--restrictions change block to block.

In the evenings, valet parking is available from local businesses.

One ADA compliant handicapped parking space is available behind the school on a first come, first served basis. A handicapped placard is required.

Yes. On the first day of class, students are given a punch card that allows them to see each of our five main shows once for free. Students are also eligible for one half-price ticket to each of our five main shows by presenting their card at the Box Office. This offer is only valid for the duration of the class. Please review the back of the punch card to see the rules that apply to student tickets.

Yes. There are two different payment plan methods:

Payment Plan A: for a $5.00 non-refundable fee, you can pay a $100 deposit at the time of registration, and the remaining balance will be auto-charged on the first day of class.

Payment Plan B: For a $25.00 non-refundable fee, you can pay a $100.00 deposit at the time of registration, and the remaining balance will be split--the first half will be auto-charged on the first day of the course and the remainder will be auto-charged at the midpoint of the course. Please note, if you have a discount or class credit of any type, that will reduce the final payment only.

Payment plans are available for Intro & Core Track classes only.

Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased here.

The Groundlings School office is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Weekend hours vary.