Phyllis Katz

A pioneer member and former director of The Groundlings, Phyllis has enjoyed working in TV, film and stage as an actor, writer and director. Her one-woman show, "Katz: Music & Characters," won a Drama-Logue award for best performance; her play, "Codependently Yours," was an L.A. Weekly award nominee; and her first film short, "Shoedini," ran on I-film for a year with a 10 rating. She most recently appeared in RENO 911!, STRONG MEDICINE, and the film, TAKING THE PLUNGE, and was the female lead on Showtime's cult comedy, SHERMAN OAKS. As a songwriter, she co-authored three TV theme songs, and the anthem for Project Literacy, and was a regular contributor to FX's SON OF THE BEACH. In addition to co-creating The Groundlings School, Phyllis does private coaching and conducts writing, character development, and song improv workshops across the country. She is a contributing writer for, and her first book, "Hipwrecked: My Health Insurance Sucked, So I Went to India" is now available!