Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman is an Emmy and Annie Award Nominated performer. She began studying improv and mime (don’t judge) at the age of 16 and continued to study improvisation and mime until graduating Beverly Hills High School. She studied mime with Marcel Marceau in Paris for a year and a half.
At the age of 19, she appeared in the New Theatre For Now at the Mark Taper Forum and was accepted to the Theatre School at Cal Arts but left after 3 months to join another improv workshop with her sister Tracy that later became The Groundlings. 
In 1974 Laraine appeared in a Lily Tomlin special produced by Lorne Michaels. After seeing her in The Groundlings a second time, he hired her for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.
Laraine has worked for directors ranging from Woody Allan to Guillermo Del Toro. Her more notable movie roles (and notable is a relative term) have been: PROBLEM CHILD 2, STARDUST MEMORIES, AMERICAN HOT WAX, and PERFECT. Then there are the roles she did for money. They won’t be listed here.
Laraine’s most recent Television appearances include: DICE, HIDDEN AMERICA WITH JONAH RAY, COMEDY BANG BANG, IFC's THE BIRTHDAY BOYS, and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Laraine has enjoyed a thriving animation career. The current series she’s working on are DAWN OF THE CROODS, MILO MURPHY'S LAW, PUSS IN BOOTS, DOC MCSTUFFINS, THE TROLL HUNTER, 3 BELOW, TALKING TOM, AMERICAN DAD, and DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD OF OZ. She can also be heard in animated features such as THE NUT JOB 2, THE EMOJI MOVIE, DESPICABLE ME 3, THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, NERDLAND, INSIDE OUT, MINIONS, and THE BOXTROLLS. A complete list of her animation, television and film work can be found on IMDB.
She has also written for Esquire, The Huffington Post, The Believer and McSweeneys and is contributing editor for the online food magazine, "One for the Table."