Tracy Newman

Besides being a founding member of the Groundlings, Tracy Newman was a TV writer and producer. With her writing partner, Jonathan Stark (also a former Groundling), she got her start as a staff writer on CHEERS. In 1997, they won an Emmy and a Peabody Award for co-writing the ground-breaking “coming out” episode of ELLEN, which was called “The Puppy Episode." In 2001, they created the ABC comedy, ACCORDING TO JIM (Jim Belushi) which ran for eight seasons. Now retired from television, Tracy is a fulltime singer/songwriter who performs throughout the Los Angeles area. Her CDs are “A Place in the Sun,” “I Just See You,” and her children’s CD, “I Can Swing Forever.” She’s also co-directing "Charlotte's Shorts", a comedy show based on short stories written by her daughter, Charlotte Dean. The show has been performed at The Groundlings, SF Sketchfest, and will be part of the upcoming Hollywood Fringe Festival.