Jimmy Fowlie

Getting into the Sunday Company is a huge relief; for years, Jimmy's parents discouraged him from taking classes there. "The Gremlings is a scam" they exclaimed, temporarily pausing their verbal attacks on one another. His parents also frequently ask why he wasn't in High School Musical; a question that not only highlights their lack of knowledge regarding the film industry, but also, their son. Jimmy is a graduate of Boston's Walnut Hill School and received his BFA in acting from USC. He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Spike TV's The Joe Schmo Show,  and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Kirk Douglas Theater. As a writer he has worked on the TV pilot Phys Ed for ABC Family and wrote a handful of non union internet commercials (yes, you are reading this correctly- INTERNET!) He'd like to thank his amazing improv troupe, Trust Fall, for performing with him in high schools, alleys, and Jewish Community Centers across California. Much love to his friends and family for all their support--"seriously hun." Jimmy Fowlie (alum of The Groundlings Sunday Company and recent cast member of the CBS Diversity Showcase) was inspired to create his own show once his tenure at Groundings came to an end. The concept for “Go-Go Boy Interrupted” was born from his time as a go-go dancer while he pursued his BFA in Acting from USC (both experiences were major letdowns in terms of "real world skills"). The Go-Go scene was a fascinating world with outrageous characters. From larger than life drag queens to out of control 19 year old party boys, there was so much comedy potential. Jimmy himself had gotten swept up in the club scene and famously broke his arm in a fist fight which led to him go-go dancing with his arm in a cast (mess). Although Jimmy did end up “retiring” his booty shorts, he always wondered: if a character is constantly relying on using his youth and sexuality as currency- what happens when he gets older? Is the party truly over?