Amanda Olmstead

Amanda was born in the glorious state of New Hampshire where apple picking and Llama riding happens on the regular.  She then moved all the way to Denver, Colorado which caused her to experience a culture shock that she hasn’t quite recovered from.  She graduated with a BFA in Theatre from U of Colorado- Boulder, where she learned many different terms for marijuana and became a skilled Ultimate Frisbee player.  


Since moving to LA, she has performed at various comedy houses, and misses her all female improv group "The Benetarts" (reunion ladies?)  When she’s not performing, she’s chasing after her deaf, albino, Jack Russell Terrier named Story who she loves so much in spite of her sassy, defiant attitude.  When she was a child she dreamt of becoming Tom Selleck’s mustache groomer but she thinks being in the Sunday Company is WAY cooler!