Michael Feldman

J. Michael Feldman, born Michael J. Feldman, is an actor and writer from Brooklyn and is thrilled to be in the Sunday Company.  His mother won’t speak to him for the next several months for fear that she’ll end up in a sketch. A fear that is completely justified. He graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and then moved out to LA when he decided to pursue a career in attending casting director workshops.  


Michael is the creator of Fairytale Theatre: 18 & Over, a collection of original fairy tales with morals for adults. The show was developed for television at FX last year with Billy Crystal's Face Productions attached to produce. When Michael is not name-dropping he enjoys eating Dairy Queen’s Cookie Dough Blizzards. He was one of this year's OUTFEST Screenwriting Lab Fellows and is currently writing an animated feature film for The Jim Henson Company. Michael was a writer for MTV's The Inbetweeners and is currently writing on the second season of The Neighbors on ABC.  Michael is excited to finally have health insurance.