Vanessa Ragland

Vanessa Ragland is a writer/actor/producer and is VERY pro-dog. She moved around a bit so she gets cagey if you ask her where she's from. She received her BA in acting from Virginia Tech, then did a short stint at UNCW working towards a poetry MFA, until she realized it was time to make responsible life decisions... so she Los Angeles for love.  Vanessa is co-host of Nerdist network's Pop My Culture Podcast where she interviews some of her favorite performers and shares her controversial opinions on the Olsen twins. TV credits include: The Office, Men of a Certain Age and The New Girl,  and you've probably heard her as the voice of a particularly grating cow in the California Milk ads. If you're in the mood for live soul-music and a variety show, she co-hosts and co-produces VAN JAM at the Hollywood Improv. She's written screenplays and pilots, you can catch her doing long form improv with her team Pretty, Pretty Pony, and you can see her eating peanut butter almost any time you look in her kitchen window. A Great Dane/ Zac Efron ticket in 2016 would be a dream come true.