Matt Key

Matt Key was born Matthew Ryan Key in Fort Worth, Texas, where he was raised on PBS documentaries and whatever cartoons he was allowed to watch. Following his studies in Oklahoma, he moved to Pasadena where he attended Seminary for a little over a year before realizing that it’s actually the Buddhists who have everything right. However, he decided to stay in Pasadena because that’s where his comic book shop is. He resides there now with his girlfriend and two cats, one of which is cross-eyed.

Using his skills as a Wonder-Nerd, he’s appeared as a guest contributor on such podcasts as The Schmoes Know, Fandom Planet and Five Truths and a Lie. He’s also appeared on stage doing stand-up at such gentlemanly establishments as The Improv and The Comedy Store. He has yet to appear on television outside of a dozen commercials, but his Buddhist Monk best friend assures him that the mystic crystals say he has something spectacular in his future.

You can follow his geeky musings and nerd rages on twitter: @themattkey