Nicole Burch

Nicole Burch hails from Kansas City. If you say something like "there's no place like home" or "you're not in Kansas anymore" she promises not to stab you. Instead she will hug you and hand you some barbecue because that's what they do in Kansas. But just to be safe, leave the Wizard of Oz quotes at home.  After delivering babies in Honduras when she was 17 (that actually happened) and being an advocate for under arm spanx (for women who want to hide their arm waddle), she did the next logical thing and moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy.  

You can find Nicole doing Stand Up and Improv about town. She has also written directed and starred in her own show based on her online dating experiences called HOW MATCH.COM RUINED MY LIFE. Did it really ruin her life? Not sure. She's still working it out in therapy. 

When Nicole is reminded that she's in the Sunday Company she pees a little...okay...a lot! That's how excited she is.