Steve Bluestein

Comedians come in all shapes and sizes…Steve Bluestein comes in one shape. Funny. His talent has been honed from years of pounding the boards in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, Tahoe and countless comedy clubs across the nation. Born in Boston, his heart was always in New York, where he moved directly after graduating from Emerson College. It was there he first went to Bud Friedman's Improv and got bitten by the comedy bug.
Moving to Los Angeles, he immediately became one of the Comedy Store regulars and was a member of the Comedy Store Players as well as a founding member of The Groundlings Theater. It was there, at The Groundlings, he learned the improvisational skills he uses in his stand up act.
In the last few years, his career (which had included television, feature films, cable and personal appearances) has taken a new form. After writing for Normal Lear and Playboy, he joined the sit-com staff of THIRTEEN EAST for NBC, then went on to write TOTALLY HIDDEN VIDEO for Fox TV and THE NEW CANDID CAMERA for Universal.
Not content with simply writing for television, Steve turned his talents to the theater. His first effort, the play, “Rest, in Pieces” which has had several success theater productions around the country. He then went on to pen five more stage plays “Gary's Gold”, “Why Wendy” and “The Vegetable”, being three. If you were to ask Steve what is his passion, he would say... “ I like to take serious subjects (i.e. death, cancer, murder) and dramatize them with humor. When I see an audience laughing through their tears I know I’ve done my job.”
Steve's most recent projects are "I CAN'T LEAVE MY BUDDIES BEHIND" and "RICH AND RICHER". These full-length feature film scripts add to the body of work of this prolific writer/comedian.
Steve’s first book is "Memoir of a Nobody." If you’ve ever been put on hold for 30 minutes, if you’ve ever had to deal with tech support in India, if your dog ever threw up on your new sofa… this book is for you. It’s a hilarious look at the insane life of one of America’s funniest comedians. The book is a collection of short stories and essays about life, love , comedy, show business and overcoming a difficult childhood. It’s a feel good piece that makes the reader laugh and cry.
Steve is quoted as saying, “Of all the things I’ve done in my career, I’m most proud of the book. I was always in control of my comedy. Now I put it on the page and the reader is in control. It’s a whole new experience for me and I’m loving every minute of it.” "It's so Hard to Type with a Gun in my Mouth" is the perfect pick me up for anyone who is in the mood to laugh.
Although writing is his passion, stand up comedy is his joy. Reviewers from coast to coast have praised this innovative comedian for his quick wit and boyish charm on stage. Be it the deep south, mid-west or West Coast, Steve charms his audiences with an improvised rapid wit humor that changes from show to show. Quoting a review from Laughlin, Nevada, "You've simply got to see him. He's hysterical.”