Victoria Carroll

Having been born in a show business family, Victoria Carroll’s career began when she got her social security card at 12 days old to appear as Greer Garson’s
daughter in “Blossoms in the Dust.” Because, alas, she couldn’t remember her lines, she didn’t get that role. Undaunted, she continued her career and ultimately appeared at 7 years old (billed as The World’s Youngest Mind Reader) in her father’s clever mind reading act. However, she eventually had to quit the act when she actually began to read minds. Carroll continued honing her craft working along such greats as Jimmy Durante, Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Danny Thomas, Sid Caesar and other comic geniuses. She was a regular in a number of television shows such as ALICE, ONE DAY AT A TIME, GIMMIE A BREAK, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, and HOGAN'S HEROES. She also guest starred on a number of classic shows including MURDER SHE WROTE, DYNASTY, THREE'S COMPANY, HUNTER, THE LOVE BOAT, FANTASY ISLAND, and a myriad of others. Her film credits include the classic MY FAIR LADY to the not so classic NIGHTMARE IN WAX. Despite a long successful career as an actress, she considers her role as one of the original founding members of The Groundlings her greatest accomplishment.
Victoria left the Groundlings in the early 80’s to build and run “The West End Playhouse,” an Equity Waiver 90 seat theatre with her soon to be husband, actor Michael Bell. Together they produced several successful original plays including Lillian Groag’s “Ladies of the Camellias” and “The White Rose,” which continue to be performed around the world. Victoria and Michael wrote and produced “Opposite You,“ a musical review, which ran for over 6 months. Their productions garnered a number of awards and critical acclaim. Besides their regular productions, they used their theater to establish an improv company of seniors called “The Silver Streakers,” led by the brilliant Gary Austin. After the birth of their daughter Ashley Bell, Victoria returned to her first love, Fine Art. An accomplished artist, she has been featured in the prestigious American Artist magazine and International Artist Magazine. Victoria has exhibited and received top awards in the juried Andrew Carnegie Museum’s Classic Competition. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America and her work is widely collected throughout the United States.