Doug Cox

Doug Cox attended USC with Groundling founding member Tom Maxwell, graduating with a degree in Cinema and no job prospects. With nothing to lose, he joined The Groundlings and stayed for almost 15 years. Doug has made dozens of appearances on television, in films and on stage. His oneman show, "Adventures In Surreal Estate"--the true story of a chicken, a hooker, a band of gypsies and the house he gave away--was part of the Groundlings’ 30th anniversary celebration and was optioned for a film. In 2006, he starred in Permanent Collection at the Center Theatre Group’s Kirk Douglas Theatre.
Doug has written screenplays on his own and with Groundling alumni John Moody. They wrote four episodes of PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE, two of which received Emmy Award nominations. They also have a long term (business) relationship with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Groundling alumna Cassandra Peterson), writing her stage shows for Knott’s Scary Farm, wraparounds for her Rhino and Time/Life Video releases, specials for AMC, Lifetime, E! Entertainment, and two Elvira screenplays. Doug has done a lot of corporate comedy--writing, directing, and performing with other Groundlings for Chevron, Del Monte, Sun Microsystems, Mellon Bank, Carl’s Jr., Toyota, Bank of America and Lockheed, just to name a few. Doug wrote, co-produced and directed the feature film, Shrink Rap. It played in several film festivals and was released on DVD in 2006. He encourages you to buy several copies for yourself and your friends.