Master Classes

SEPTEMBER 4-30, 2019

  • All workshops take place at The Groundlings School and are open to anyone, 18+
  • Each workshop is from 2-5pm and $35.
  • All proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to The Groundlings Diversity Initiatives. Read more about our Diversity Scholarships and Outreach HERE!


September 4, 2-5 pm USING YOUR BODY ON STAGE Instructor: Michael Churven

September 5, 2-5 pm THE POWER OF LABELING Instructor: Emily Pendergast

September 6, 2-5 pm CREATING A CHARACTER Instructor: Chase Winton

September 7, 2-5 pm GETTING STARTED WITH VOICE OVER (Lecture) Instructor: David Lawrence XVII

September 8, 2-5 pm STAND-UP: THE POWER OF GOING SOLO Instructor: Cary Odes

September 9, 2-5 pm STAND-UP: THE POWER OF GOING SOLO Instructor: Cary Odes

September 10, 2-5 pm HOW TO BOOK TV COMEDY (Lecture) Instructor: Gunnar Rohrbacher

September 11, 2-5 pm BRIAN’S FAST AND SLOPPY CLAP-INS INTENSIVE InstructorBrian Palermo

September 12, 2-5 pm HOW TO GO FROM IMPROV TO STAND UP Instructor: Judy Carter

September 13, 2-5 pm THE PSYCHOLOGY OF COMEDY (Lecture) Instructor: David Misch

September 14, 2-5 pm AUDITION TECHNIQUE FOR TEENS Instructor: Lauren Bertoni

September 15, 2-5 pm VOICE-OVER Instructor: George McGrath

September 16, 2-5 pm THE AUDITION CODE (Lecture) Instructor: Gunnar Rohracher

September 17, 2-5 pm  RELAXATION AND IMPROV, AS APPLIED TO THE WRITTEN WORD Instructor: Carole Ita White

September 18, 2-5 pm IMPROVISING GENRES Instructor: Suzanne Kent

September 20, 2-5 pm INTRO TO MUSICAL IMPROV Instructor: Phyllis Katz

September 21, 2-5 pm  USING SILENCE ON STAGE Instructor: Michael Churven

September 22, 2-5 pm  IMPROVISING SHAKESPEARE Instructor: Donna Dubain

September 24, 2-5 pm WRITING WORKSHOP:GENERATING IDEAS Instructor: Phyllis Katz

September 25, 2-5 pm VOCAL TECHNIQUE Instructor: Wenndy Mackenzie

September 26, 2-5 pm COMEDIC STORYTELLING Instructor: Margot Leitman

September 27, 2-5 pm CREATING CHARACTER VOICES Instructor: Wenndy Mackenzie 

September 28, 2-5 FIND YOUR VOICE, FIND YOUR CHARACTERS Instructor: Carla Delaney

September 29, 2-5 pm TRICKS OF THE TRADE: WRITING, PITCHING & DEVELOPING (Lecture) Instructor: Rachel Lewis