Student Performance Nights

Student Performance Nights are Groundlings students’ chance to perform on the Gary Austin Stage at The Groundlings School!

How do SPNs work?

SPNs happen on the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Gary Austin Theatre. SPNs include student teams performing 15-minute sets, as well as a BRAND NEW TEAM formed that very night. Students can sign their team up, or sign up individually to be a part of the new team. Tix are $5, or FREE with a Student Card. 

Who can participate in an SPN?
Any Groundlings student who has completed Advanced Improv (regardless of the result) is eligible to participate. All members of a team must have completed Advanced Improv. 

Do I need to have a team together before submitting?
No. You can also participate as an individual. 

Does my team need to have a coach? 
YES. All teams must meet and rehearse with a Groundlings coach at least once before performing. Email [email protected] for a list of coaches, or ask a teacher you like working with.

When and where do SPNs happen? 
The last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Austin. The call time for performers is 7:00 pm. 

Are there rooms we can rehearse in at The Groundlings School? 
Groundlings coaches can arrange to rent a School classroom for $10/hour. 

What staff support is available for my show?
We will provide you with a light/sound board operator and front of house support, as well as a host/director for the show. 

Can I propose a Sketch Show? A one-man show about my life? A reading of my new pilot?
No. SPNs are strictly improv shows. Teams should limit themselves to short-form improv, or clap-in long-form improv, as those are the styles we focus on here at the Groundlings. 

Can friends of mine who have not taken Groundlings classes but have trained at other Improv Companies/Schools be on my team?
No. Teams can only be comprised of Groundlings students who have completed Advanced Improv.  

How many people can be on a Student Team?
The ideal team is between 4 and 7 people, although you are welcome to propose having more or fewer members.

Can I be on more than one Student Team at a time?
Yes! The more, the merrier!

Is there a limit to how many times I can perform?
No. Teams and individuals are eligible to submit for a future SPN immediately following their performance.

When will I find out when I perform? 
You will receive an email approximately one month ahead of time.


CLICK HERE to sign up as an individual -or- CLICK HERE to sign your team up.