Monday August 10th @ 8pm

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CHURCH – A Staged Reading Written and Performed by Gary Austin

Gary Austin will perform a staged reading of his solo play CHURCH, originally performed as a solo play around the country.

Monday, August 10th — 8:00 pm (90 min. No Intermission)
Tickets $10

“I’ve been away so long from the Gulf of Mexico
I miss the music we all sang so many years ago
Oh, the years have washed my memory of so many things back then
I’d walk through fire if I could only sing that song again”


MOM: I’m so proud of you. Let’s get the covers tucked in real tight now. You’re all saved, and you’re goin’ to heaven. I know you’ll always be a Christian. Heaven is a place of eternal joy. But I know it’ll be a sad place if you’re not there. Now I know Brother Gaines says I’ll still be happy because I won’t remember you… but I’ll remember. Now, say your prayers.


Aboslutely no late seating


No refunds or exchanges.