Good Girls Aren’t Funny

Monday, January 27th at 8pm

7307 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Join Groundlings alum & Improvolution founder Holly Mandel for an entertaining talk that explores of the origins and implications of “the Good Girl”, how she holds us back from our edge…and what lies beyond her.


If you haven’t been formally introduced to your “Good Girl”, you’ll want to do that nowish. Until you learn how she operates in you — what she wants for you, and most importantly, what she has been inhibiting in you — you’ve probably been obeying her for a very long time.

She wants you to get everything PERFECT, she wants you to always be RIGHT, always be LIKED, never upset anyone. She rules you by SHOULDS. She tells you you’re being TOO this or TOO that. She watches your every move, and is always there editing, critiquing, and undermining. She has been wired to MISTRUST other women, she wants to be THE ONE, to be picked. She craves AFFIRMATION constantly from those in charge, for SHE has no authentic source of power so she waits for PERMISSION or must manipulate to get what she wants.

She had her place in our collective history. But for those of us who want to be MORE - be the BOLD, FEARLESS, SELF-DIRECTED PERFORMER, CREATOR, and LEADER we know in our hearts we ARE - she is our greatest unseen enemy. And, (good news) her time is up.

Men! You are also very much invited as this includes you too! And we’ll cover how GENDER EXPECTATION ruins everything for you as well.

Anyone interested is welcome and encouraged to attend!

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