I Love You Too

Monday February 11th @10PM

 Our parents woke up early, had mortgages and made children’s birthday parties fun. Doesn’t that sound impossible? Lex and Joe are thirtysomething in Los Angeles where no one seems to have any of this figured out. But life’s a lot more fun when you like who you’re married to.Come join us for ‘I Love You Too,’ a staged pilot that includes filmed scenes, original music and plenty of awkward moments. You’ll laugh. You’ll cringe.  Written and performed by Liz Bolton and Jordan RennickDirected by Mitch SilpaAlso featuring Kelly Ewing, Steve Florian, Brad Gage, Eileen O’Connell, Roxana Ortega, Courtney Richards, Joey Ready, Billy Scott, John Shartzer & London ThorMusic by Broken Anchor