TNMB: Absolutely Not a Network Sketch Show

Thursday March 3rd @10pm

An unnamed network locked 100 people in a basement and had them write/perform over 48,000 sketches over a course of 5 months. 20 something of those sketches made the show, the others were discarded like children in a war torn night. This show gives those scenes their moment. Their justice. Their vengeance!!!Absolutely Not A Network Sketch Show At The Groundlings!!!Starring and written by: Judilin Bosita Nicole Sun Marla Mindelle Lisa Mindelle Kenneth Kirby Brian Jordan Alvarez Lyric Lewis Jay Michel Dom Burgess Stephanie Adele Ritter Sophia Zolan Stephanie Streisand Shalom Nieva Steph Garcia Ishmel Sahid Choni Francis Will Stephens Sara Cravens Janet CaoDirected by: Ian Gary Absolutely No late seating. Show duration 1 hr no intermission