TNMB: The Gym

Thursday, September 11th @10 PM

The GYM brings you a selection of thrilling twisty-turny, mystery laden and oh-so-hilarious sketches! Get your pocket protectors and #2 pencils ready! The GYM show is going back to school Thursday, Sept 11th at 10PM! Don’t be a bully! Come join the cool clique and laugh your Uggs off!Directed by our principal: Colleen SmithPUPILS:Cammy Brickell AguilarLaura HughesJessica GreenSofia Marie GonzalezJoey MackeyDakota GreenePatty GuggenheimWith special new exchange student from Hungary:Jeff GrimmBe there or GET DETENTION! ABSOLUTELY NO LATE SEATINGNo Refunds or Exchanges.16 and up. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who appears younger than 16 years of age with no ticket refund or exchange. Cast is subject to change. $1 service charge included in ticket price. Show Duration: 1hr