TNMB: Top Bunk!

Thursday April 10th @ 10pm

Top Bunk is BACK!! Come have some Pillow Talk at The Groundlings Theatre for the Thursday Night Mystery Box, April 10th at 10pm.After the insane turn out at the Groundlings for our last Mystery Box show, I think it’s only fair to warn people that There Will Be Blood (and sold out tickets). Buy in advance and get your bodies ready.Some of the glowing reviews we’ve already received:"It’s uplifting!" - Jane Fonda"No…THEY are #1" - George Washington"This show will help you fly. Unlike my brothers’ dumb attempts at a ‘sky box.’ It’s just a barrel! Calm down!" - Reuchlin, the other Wright Brother who invented nothingTop Bunk is a 12-woman team made of: Halynn Batterman, Katrina Begin, Julie Birke, Catherine Durickas, Ellie Gilbert, Megan Green, Nicole Hammersla, Julie Lake, Janell Lenfert, Sandi McCree, Stephanie Ritter, and Leslie Watkins. Pillow Talk is directed by Groundlings Sunday Company alum Jay Lay (the Jimmy Dugan to our Rockford Peaches).Bring your ponchos: the first 3 rows are a splash zone.